Impact Working

We are a flexible workspace provider with a clear purpose. We have re-invented the office environment to meet the evolving needs of the modern employer and employee.


Work Flexibly

Whether a full-time or part-time private office, a flexible hot-desking membership or a meeting room to bring those home workers together for an afternoon each week, Impact Working offers flexibility to suit your needs.


Work with pride

Rest assured that your office design is fully driven by ethical values. Impact offices are built to make a positive impact on the world, by considering the environment, embracing social cohesion and fostering a safe environment which promotes and encourages the wellbeing of its occupants.


Work in unity

Impact Working communal areas and lounge are deliberately inviting. They’ll host events like Ted talks, fundraisers and charity support. Yoga classes and the availability of on site bikes will mean that you and your team can keep fit while at work.


Work Smarter

Work your way, on your terms. Through the Impact Working app, you can book a meeting room, reserve a desk, add yourself to the weekly yoga class and ensure that you never miss out on one of our hosted events. The Impact Working app is designed for your convenience

Manage your membership, book a meeting room or keep up to date with social events. Our app is built with simplicity and convenience in mind.

Good quality coffee, farmed and sourced ethically. 

Our environments have been created so that they are sympathetic to the planet and the community. The story begins with a QR code. 

Promote social cohesion in an aspirational environment.

Our flexible membership packages suit all business types from freelancers, through to large scale organisations.

We carefully select all of our partners to ensure that they meet the strictest criteria regarding sustainability and wellbeing.

We have created an environment worth leaving the home for.

Membership Packages

We offer a variety of unique membership packages shaped around your business needs. With our membership, you can dictate your own terms, so you don’t have to commit to a long term lease agreement if you don’t want to.

Private Offices

Full or part time private offices available. 


Full or part time dedicated desks available. 


Take full advantage of our workspace for 24hrs.

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