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The impact that something has on a situation, process, or a person is a sudden and powerful effect that it has on them.
Collins Dictionary, 2020

Impact Who

In late 2020, leading real estate entrepreneur Robert Whitton and flexible space innovator Mark Gregson launched Impact Working. The company is a subsidiary arm of Impact Capital Group, a group of companies that are an integrated end-to-end network which uses property-tech and modern methods of construction to create affordable, sustainable and smart urban environments of the future.

Impact What

Inspired by the need to address the great emergencies of our time, the Impact business model is tailored to make a revolutionary impact on the world. It’s time for change.

Impact Working inherits the group’s core values. Consideration for the environment, social cohesion and personal wellbeing is fostered through our carefully curated working spaces. 

Impact Why

The dramatic intervention of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the way businesses occupy the office. Flexibility, convenience through smart technology, COVID safety measures and the opportunity to re-connect with colleagues on a “as and when required “ basis, are some of the key features Impact Working offers to its occupants.

We see these as key ingredients in building the re-assurance that businesses need, so that they can thrive in the post COVID world.

Our Values

Our business as a whole is driven by our values and the need to address the great emergencies of our time. That is why our offices are designed, built and operate in a way which makes a positive impact on the world. 


Our environments are created with sustainability in mind at all times. From furniture selection through to the finest finishes, we value the importance of sustainability. 

Social Cohesion

Our offices are designed to encourage social integration with breakout spaces which are deliberately inviting and events which bring all occupants together. 

safety & Wellbeing

From rigorous COVID safety measures through to yoga classes, it is our ambition to promote the health & safety at every opportunity. 

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