Celebrating individuality at work

June 2021

Inclusion and diversity in the community have been active topics of social and political discussions for decades. Although issues surrounding culture and gender inequality are being actively addressed, more needs to be done.  

It is crucial to have a full understanding of social inclusion, its meaning, and how it can support diversity to foster a true sense of belonging in our private and work life.  

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, inclusion “is the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized”. The term conveys a powerful message, a message of everyone’s right to be accepted, appreciated and respected.

This very ideology is the driving force behind Pride, an LGBTQ+ movement originating in the United States. Pride Month is a commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall uprising, which ignited the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement. The month-long global event, occurring every June, intends to unite people by celebrating individuality and equality. Each year sees a growing number of participants, who come together to shape inclusive and more cohesive societies.

At Impact Working we foster diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business, from the recruitment process through to general practices and company strategies. Our mission is to create an inclusive and respectful work environment, which boosts creativity, social unity and employee satisfaction.  

Mark Gregson, CEO at Impact Working said: "Our vision is all about making co-working sustainable, socially cohesive, and playful at the same time. We are advocates for diversity and inclusion at work as both an employer and a service provider. Our goal is to create a communal atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome and respected."

Promoting diversity in our society and business alike is imperative. Only through inclusion, can we make a real impact and advance one step closer to a more harmonious and balanced world.

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