Earth Day- Sustainability in the workplace.

April 2021

In recent years, the escalating environmental crisis has urged us all to prioritise sustainability and adopt an eco-friendlier way of life – a harmonious coexistence with nature.  

The Earth Day movement has been voicing a need for change since the 1970s’. With 1 billion dedicated individuals and over 190 supporting countries, it strives to inspire us in embracing a more mindful and nature-inclusive approach to life in the way we live and conduct business.  

The Earth Day Network stresses that plastic pollution is severely overwhelming our current waste management systems. The organisation reports that out of 380 million tonnes of plastic litter generated each year, food packaging is the second most common source of pollution.  

Harmful effects of plastic can be found in virtually every ecosystem on the planet. It is therefore imperative that collective actions are taken to tackle the issue.

Businesses are already adopting a new approach, from enforcing recycling policies through to re-thinking their supplies. But more needs to be done.  

Inspired by “The End of Plastic” Campaign initiated by the Earth Day Network; Impact Working has reimagined our relationship with the planet by incorporating sustainability within our office design. From unique pieces of office furniture crafted out of recycled and re-purposed plastics like yoghurt pots through to automotive lighting systems which instantly switch off when there's no one in the room, Impact Working promotes an eco-friendly working environment.  

Earth Day acts as a reminder that we all have an active role to play in changing our ways. At Impact Working, we strive to make a positive impact not only by tackling the issue of plastic pollution by way of design, but also by promoting the environment as our core business value. We enable our occupiers to adapt these values as part of their own brand, allowing them to promote and feel good about the spaces they work in.

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