Study finds bringing pets to work increases employee satisfaction by 22%.

February 2021

A research project by Lincoln University has found that employees who bring their pets to work report a 22% higher satisfaction within their working environment.

Conducted in 2019, a study by Lincoln University in conjunction with Purina pet foods reported a 16.5% increase in work dedication and a 14.4% increase in overall work engagement when employees brought their dogs to work.

Fast forward to 2021 as the world of business prepares to step back into the office, the wellbeing of employees seems more relevant than ever. Although the “return to the office” is a welcome thought for many, there is still a sense of apprehension in the air.  

In an article published by the University of Lincoln about the study, a quotation from Dr Daniel Mills from the School of Life Sciences said: “If you told employers there was a simple way to increase their workforce overall satisfaction with the working conditions, they’d be very keen to learn more.  

“Our results show that far from being a distraction, (a fear expressed by some in our earlier work) allowing dogs in the workplace has the potential to improve employees’ focus and probably productivity too. Forward-thinking companies should consider very seriously if they can accommodate dogs in the workplace and the Purina Pets at Work programme can enable them to do this efficiently.”

Over the past months, employees have proven that productivity can be just as effective within a home environment, pets or no pets. With statistical data supporting the concept of “pets at work”, in many respects it seems like a step in the right direction in securing a welcoming environment to help boost productivity, enthusiasm and motivation as employees re-adjust their working habits once more.  

At Impact Working, we don’t underestimate the power of a dog friendly working environment. That’s why our offices are dog friendly spaces. To find out more, please contact us on


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